Alchimia Holding

Altana Società Benefit srl is part of the Alchimia S.p.a. group, a leading investment holding company, 100% owned by Marina Salamon.

Over the years, it has continued to strengthen its assets, fully capitalizing the profits accrued by the investee companies, reaching a shareholders’ equity of over 130 million euros, destined to sustain their development and to allocate a portion of them to charitable projects (weboflife.com).

Besides Altana, Alchimia owns Connexia (connexia.com), a company dedicated to web communication, born in 1997 and still growing in double figures year by year.

Alchimia also operates in the financial segment and in the real estate market.

The group is very aware of the importance of environmental sustainability and over the years it has also invested in photovoltaic power by setting up solar parks in association with Alchimia Energy.

During the year 2014, Alchimia acquired the company Forest srl which produces and distributes the clothing brand Save the Duck. In 2018, the group left Save The Duck, after having tripled its turnover and profitability, in order to pass the baton to Progressio Sgr, an important Italian private equity fund.

Among the main subsidiaries of Alchimia, Doxa Spa appeared, a historic family company and one of the most important companies in the field of market research on an international scale, whose majority was sold to an important French-American group leader in the sector in 2019.